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Making a Difference in the Tenderloin
About SF Recovery Theatre

In the midst of San Francisco’s Tenderloin district, where homelessness, poverty, drugs and the misfortunate have congregated and for the most part is ignored by the City’s Officials, is the home of San Francisco’s Recovery Theatre.

The Recovery Theatre is a grassroots organization with a lot of local and some municipal support. It is funded by grants from the art and health community in San Francisco with no full time staff, but with a core group of dedicated actors, composed mainly of people in recovery. Its mission is to meet people where they are, provide a medium of communication and deliver a message of hope, consequence and solutions.

Geoffrey Grier heads the Company and also hosts the Mr. Geoffrey Show, a local on-line show that focuses on the issues, concerns and events of the Tenderloin community. With on the job training theatre experience and many years as a group facilitator at various treatment centers in San Francisco, Mr. Grier holds a degree in psychology from San Francisco State University, and has assembled a cast of actors from clients in and out of treatment to develop and present his new play “The Spot”. A is a play about a teenage couple whose lives change dramatically when she gets pregnant at 15. Struggling to support his family, the young man resorts to dealing drugs to make ends meet, but soon gets wrongly blamed for the death of two people and is sent to prison.Grier feels that the theatre’s productions is the only safe place that people of different cultures, races and religious backgrounds can experience the lifestyle of another without feeling threatened.While many people are still battling substance abuse, mental health, or housing problems, it becomes a formidable task for Recovery Theatre to assist those in need to transcend them to a healthier, progressively positive life.

The San Francisco Recovery Theatre is out to make a difference.
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